Opposite is an annual Internet publication devoted to conferences concerning contemporary art organized in the Institute of Art History at the University of Wroc³aw. The premise of meetings between artists and theoreticians was born during doctoral seminars. We the authors assumed that an annual exchange of thoughts would spur the development of the researches devoted to art in the last several years, would enable finding the appropriate language for its description and analysis and finally would enable pointing out important artistic events, phenomena and astounding artistic concepts. Our mission to exchange ideas started in 2010 is a long-term endeavor and is characterized by close cooperation with the BWA Awangarda gallery in Wroc³aw.

The journal's purpose is the documentation of conferences and exhibitions, that are devoted to a different subject each time. At the same time it encourages the potential readers to participate in future meetings and discussions. Opposite records the presentations of the national and international researchers of contemporary art that points to the international character of the conferences in Wroc³aw and the exchange of thoughts concerning artistic problems and phenomena involving Poland and other countries. In this way, the journal becomes proof of a widespread vision of today's artistic activities in the international arena, accompanied by native experiences shown at exhibitions. The journal hence promotes the contemporary creations - presents individual points of view, focusing on the phenomena concerning current art and presents artistic works related to different approaches to the leitmotif.

We invite you to the lectures, discussions and meetings!